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  • Paladin Paladin

    Issue 1:
    Minecraft Hardcore hearts changed from "hardcore hearts" to "normal hearts".

    This is a well known Minecraft bug. Only the texture changed but the server is still hardcore.
    Link to the Minecraft bug:

    Issue 2:
    One of our anti-cheat plugins do make breaking of certain blocks harder.
    Those blocks include: crafting tables, beds, doors.

    Also, sometimes you might get teleported under the boat when you are trying to ride it.

    We are waiting updates to fix those bugs on the plugin.

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  • Paladin Paladin

    If you die on our Server, you are dead for real.
    Everything you've done is still on the server but you won't be able to go there.
    You are dead.

    Unless... well, we know that some of you might buy other Minecraft accounts only to join the server. Don't do that. Here is a deal. We need funds to run and keep the server and you might need a new account to continue playing. We offer you another chance, in exchange of your kind donation to the server. Everything is automatic.

    Here is the link to our shop if you want to donate or to get out from the graveyard:

    Here is the graveyard:

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  • Paladin Paladin

    Server Ip:

    Open 24/7

    A vanilla Minecraft Hardcore server.
    We are a small community that wish to offer it's player quality play on it's server. This means, no cheaters, good manners and good times.

    We are trying our best to offer you, the player, the best experience possible with all the new technologies and plugins available and also to reduce the number of cheater on this server down to 0.

    Our goal is to build an Hardcore Server free of cheaters and full with enjoyment and good times. At least until you are dead.

    If it happens to be killed by a cheater, you will be revived, after we catch him.

    Thanks you for visiting this page ^-^
    Enjoy a hardcore experience on a Minecraft server.
    Only 1 life. Take good care of it.

    Good luck 😉

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  • Paladin Paladin

    Do you have a lot of free time to spear?
    What about joining Project Omega!
    Send me a message today!
    Do you want to know more? You have to join us first.

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  • Paladin Paladin


    Server Ip:
    Port: 25565

    Open from 2PM to 2AM (EET). (Temporarily)



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  • Paladin Paladin

    Hi, want to be a admin or a moderator on our forum?
    It's you lucky day!
    You can apply just here.
    Write your best resumee, plus, the caterory you want to be admin/mod.

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